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Windhoek launches new 440ml Lager can

02 April 2016

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Now beer lovers can say “no” to missing out and “yes” to more 100% Pure Windhoek Lager

Cape Town, December 2014: Windhoek Lager has answered the call of premium beer lovers by introducing an all-new 440ml can.

“We can now give beer connoisseurs a premium beer in a 440ml can format, offering them value for money with 33% extra. Windhoek Lager fans can now say yes to trading up for less,” says Windhoek Marketing Manager Alan Roberts, of brandhouse.

Premiumisation in the beer category is a key current trend with consumers trading up to more prestigious brands and this is largely motivated by a growing middle class, says Roberts.

“It’s interesting to look at the history of the category,” says Roberts. “Windhoek Beer pioneered the 440ml beer segment in South Africa four years ago with the launch of the bigger Windhoek Draught can. Since then, many competitors have followed suit, and today the 440ml segment is the fastest growing beer segment in South Africa. Windhoek Draught is one of the best performing beers in the country – currently at 11% growth compared to a 2.5% decline in overall SA beer sales – and we believe Windhoek Lager in a 440ml can will also do very well,” says Roberts.

The Windhoek Lager range currently consists of 330ml cans and bottles and 750ml quarts, but market research has revealed that Windhoek fans would like to enjoy their favourite beer in the 440ml can as well. The 440ml can is desirable particularly for occasions such as braai and match times, when more frequent refills could mean missing out on the winning test run, try or goal.

“The 440ml can gives our fans 33% extra of their favourite 100% Pure Windhoek Lager. This allows beer lovers to say no to missing out, constant refills, missed goals, overcooked steaks and second-hand moments. With the new bigger can, you can have best of both world – you can enjoy all your favourite moments with your favourite beer,” says Roberts.

Windhoek Lager 440ml is available at all major retailers.

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