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A country of vast contrasts, Namibia is an extraordinary world unto itself, and it’s the incredible nation we call home.

Namibia is a world unto itself, and unlike any other place on Earth.
A country of contrasts. It is here where vast deserts meet the cold Atlantic, temperatures fluctuate from intolerable heat to unbearable cold, and barren land runs into lush oasis. Yet between these extremes is one of the most exceptional destinations to be
found anywhere.

Far more than just sand and dunes, the Namib is the oldest and least explored desert in the world, which is the exclusive home of the Welwitschia Mirabilis – a miraculous plant which can live for over a thousand years. Desert ghost towns, relics of an era gone by, still stand but have been overrun by the elements.

Oryx and other game are a common sight on the plains, and elephants with unbelievably large feet trek across the harsh terrain in search of water. Further afoot, the impressive Ruacana Falls thunders into a broad valley where Makalani Palms grow in overwhelming numbers.

The country's rich, German heritage is evident in much of the art and culture, but nowhere more so than in its renowned brewing tradition. 100% Pure Beer, still made according to the Reinheitsgebot of 1516, and crafted with the courage and conviction that can only come from facing extraordinary adversity and perseverance.

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